Experience our non-profit at work on a day-to-day basis with the following benefits:

  • Practical Missions & Church Ministry Training - Gain invaluable leadership training and experience both locally and globally, to include missions trips where you will serve alongside skilled ministry leaders.

  • Integrated Marketplace Ministry - Earn money and gain experience as you work a part-time job 3-4 days each week with intentionality in the bustling Washington, D.C. suburbs.

  • Kingdom-Minded Church Partners - Partner with a local church for 8 hours per week where you will be trained by seasoned pastors.  This practical training provides an amazing apprenticeship opportunity!

  • Weekly Team Training: Be one of up to 8 Endurance Leadership interns taking part in this amazing life-changing internship.  The value of participating in the weekly training & hands-on work opportunities with multiple interns is the collaborative learning and fellowship that this experience provides. 

  • Housing Included - Our internship matches you with a local family from the church that you will be serving in.  The family provides you with your very own bedroom and home to live in, which will offer you a home away from home.  

Intern Trip Options:

One Month Intensive

  • Italy - Serve immigrants and work towards reconciliation within Catholic and Protestant relationships 

One Week Stay

  • Uruguay - Host a retreat for missionaries and their families that live and serve all over the country. 

  • Peru - Serve in the orphanage and village school of Casa del Aguila 

  • Antigua, Guatemala - Offer medical assistance to impoverished communities 

  • San Diego - Live amongst the homeless community walking in their shoes and experiencing life on the streets as we seek to understand and serve, while learning and growing ourselves along the way. 

Gap Year Options Available

Other Basic Info:

Cost: $550/month - includes local housing, 8-hour weekly training / hands-on opportunities with a local church along with weekly training / hands-on opportunities with our non-profit, Endurance Leadership. Interns receive 15% off every international missions trip. You can fundraise for your internship, or you can contribute your earnings from your part-time job towards the internship if you'd like. Make sure to fill out the Apply Now form so that we can tailor the internship to fit your skill set!

Tax Deductible Gifts: All money given towards your internship and/or service trips are counted as a tax deductible gift.


Questions or More Info?

Contact Sandra Cravens at: leadershipexcursions@gmail.com or (703)-470-0705