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Puerto Rico Hurricane Response Trip - TRIP FULL!


Details - BOOK YOUR OWN FLIGHT on Jet Blue Airways non-stop, Departing from DCA Reagan on Friday, November 24 on Flight 1347 at 8am - Returning on Monday, November 27 on Flight 1348 at 7:05pm.  Flight currently listed at only $330 per person, but subject to change.  Jet Blue offering to charge zero bag fees for this trip if you book on Jet Blue. 

Transportation - Included to and from the church for the group that departs and arrives at the same time as the suggested Jet Blue itinerary.

Service - All team members will be asked to bring work style clothing and offer to serve where needed in and around the area. In addition, we will ask team members to bring down supplies from the items needed.

Items Needed (Updated again since a recent recon trip) - towels, sheets, personal items (such as deodorant), tooth brushes, and Home Depot gift cards to purchase supplies there.

Accommodations - For those desiring to serve and save on money, the church is offering to let people stay for free, however, participants would need to bring a sleeping bag or blanket and pad to create their own bed.  For those who desire to stay in a hotel, you can book one in San Juan or El Condado at your own expense, just be sure that they have power. Presently the Marriott, Hilton and Renaissance do have power. 

Cost - Bring US dollars to either get food from the local grocery store or eat in local restaurants which also helps bring money back to their struggling economy as meals are not included in this relief trip.  $165 is for incidentals, expenses, and a donation to the partnering church.  

Extended Option - You may choose to come earlier since this is Thanksgiving Break, or to leave later. However, the free bags deal is only with Jet Blue, so you are welcome to book different dates, but you would need to let us know your travel dates so we can contact Jet Blue with your itinerary so you get the benefit. If traveling on a different date, you would be responsible for travel and accommodations during those additional days.